Photo by Becky Abernathy at Abernathy Photographics

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Jack and I went over to my little sis from Samford's house to have a playdate with her adorable twin boys, Will and Logan. We had so much fun. Jack wanted to sit by them and lay on them...Terra and I even got to talk some.

This is a great pic that Terra got of the boys. The boys poised themselves. Jack went right over and sat between (or right on) the boys.

Blog Change and big news

Well, I have finally changed over my blog from mac to blogger. Even though I do not understand blogger yet and it is not as easy to me as the one I had on mac, I know it is time to change. Baby number two is due in March and a blog just for Jack would not be fair for our new little one. We found out last week we are having a girl... Bring on the pink!! Our due date is March 16, but she is already measuring a little bigger, so we will see. Everything has gone great so far. It has been a hard pregnancy on me, not physically but emotionally. I have been really worried about the development of this new baby. I wonder if I can have "healthy" children. I am less worried about another child with a heart defect and more worried about everything least I know and understand a heart defect. I have done a lot of praying and I am trying to give my worry over the God, but it is so hard. Our first sonogram looked great, and we have a fetal echo in November.

Now, we just have to come up with a name...we had been calling her "Jack, jr." until we found out she was a I don't know now.