Photo by Becky Abernathy at Abernathy Photographics

Monday, November 29, 2010

Photo Shoot with Chrisit Colvin at Ross Bridge

It was beautiful fall afternoon, and we got to have fun as a family and have Christi take some pictures...right in our neighborhood.   

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eight months later...

So, it has been 8 months since my last blog post.  Having two children sure does take all my spare time.  I will try to recap quick.  Evie is almost nine months old.  She is the cutest, loudest little girl I have ever met :). She is crawling (has been since 6 months), pulling to stand (has been since 7 months), cruising furniture (has been since 7 months), standing independently (has been since early 8 months), walking with a push toy (has been good since 8.5 months), and taking 2 steps...WOW...what am I going to do with her.  Jack thinks she hung the moon and she thinks he is the best, too.  It is amazing watching the two of them.  They just love each other so much.  I of course and scared to death that she is going to get seriously hurt the way they play sometimes.  I am really working with Jack on being gentle.  I don't think he sees a baby when he looks at her.  Evie is currently on 3 medications, two are for acid reflux that she takes 6 times a day and the third is an antibiotic that she takes because we found out 2 months ago that she has grade 3 reflux of her left kidney.  We are scheduled to see a specialist in January.  But other then all her medicines, she is so happy.  I am learning very quickly how different raising a little girl is from a boy.  She will give you about 2 minutes to meet her need...and then she yells...and very loudly.  Jack never did this!!  He was so laid back.

I have changed jobs.  It has been a huge change for me.  I just loved my old job at the The Bell Center.  I loved everything about it, except it kept me from my own kids.  I am now working part time, and I am able to spend more time with Jack and Evie.  I am working for a company called pediatric associates, inc.  I am still working with some in early intervention, but also doing some school systems.  The flexibility is awesome.

Jack is great!!  What a joy...and a tester at the same time.  He loves buzz and woody and everything Toy Story.  He goes everywhere is a houndstooth Bear Bryant hat that he calls his cowboy hat.  I am going to write more about him in the next post.  But for are some great pics!!