Photo by Becky Abernathy at Abernathy Photographics

Monday, December 20, 2010

Looking back...

I have uploaded some pictures that we took while on our adventure to Boston for Jack's open heart surgery.  It is a review of our experience.  Some of the picture show off the handy work of the skilled surgeons, so be aware.  It is amazing to look back and remember...both good and bad from our experience.  It was a trying time for our family, but we came out of it on the other side!!  I can not thank everyone so much for all the prayers and notes of encouragement!!  I truly believe that it got Brian and I through this time.  Jack is an amazing, strong, and brave little man.  He is such a trooper!!

 Jack on the plane watching Toy Story as we fly to Boston.
 Jack checking out the bathroom on the plane.
 Jack in my lap while flying on the plane.
 Jack before his heart cath.
 He was a little scared...but did great!
 We took Jack to the aquarium...he loved seeing "nemo".
 It was a great day as a family!!  (we missed Evie, though)
 The night before surgery.  

 Scar free for the last time...
 The dancing...
 In the CICU,  on Dec. 6th, right after surgery.

 Breathing tube gone!!
 Playing with woody
 Standing up for the first time, Dec. 10th

 Chest tubes gone...and playing in the play room.
 Time to go home...
 Jack with his "mended" little heart
 Ready to go
Jack loved all the stickers he got after every procedure.  It got us through each one.

It is hard to believe it has been two weeks since the surgical team took Jack from Brian and I to have open heart surgery.  It seems like yesterday, but at the same time it seems like so long ago.  Brian thinks that Jack is getting more oxygen to his brain because he is talking like a 5 year old...very complex thoughts...:) 


  1. What an amazing little boy. I'm so glad everything went well.

  2. I know it stinks to see perfection "marked" but thank God perfection in another sense has been obtained. He is the cutest boy ever! Scar guard is a helpful tool. That line will be his "chick magnet" one day. My whole Christmas was happier due to your son's remarkable progress.